Leads. As a Network Marketing rep, your business lives and dies by the number of leads you have. Not only must you have a constant supply of pre-interested leads, you must have a marketing system and sales funnel that converts those leads into $$$. Once you have an effective marketing system in place, your company, your products, and your compensation plan no longer matter. The numbers will take care of themselves as long as you have the aforementioned prerequisites. My mentor put it best when he resolutely declared the three things you must have in place to be successful with a network marketing business. He said you must have 1) A way to generate traffic, 2) a way to convert that traffic into leads, and 3) a repeatable system for closing prospects into your business over the telephone. This article explains why having an adequate supply of leads is beneficial for your network marketing business, and why your business is doomed to failure without it.

One of the main reasons that most network marketers fail (or rather quit) at their business is because they do not have an adequate supply of new leads coming in on a daily basis. (By the way, an adequate supply of new leads is 25 or more people opting in to your autoresponder, sending you email directly, or leaving you voicemail requesting more information about either your primary business or one of your funded proposal products every single day. More on this later.) Their entire business plan centers around prospecting friends, family, co-workers and strangers that they come across on a daily basis, and that’s it. They do not even understand what industry they are in. Mike Dillard said it best on page 37 of Magnetic Sponsoring, when he said “this is an industry of marketing and promotion, pursued by people who have no idea how to market or promote.” That was exactly who I was before I learned the principles of Attraction Marketing. I’m going to paint a little scenario for you that may sound familiar to you if the start of your network marketing career was anything like mine.

The novice network marketer, someone who is new to the industry, usually does exactly what they are told by their sponsor and upline leaders in their particular company. The first thing we are usually instructed to do by our new sponsors is to make a list, usually of at least 100 names, of our closest friends, family, co-workers, co-worshippers, old classmates, old teachers and the people with whom we do business, like our doctor, dry cleaner, our mechanic, plumber, and the lady who scans our groceries at the grocery store. Once our list is populated we are told to immediately chase down these people over the telephone and use one of several interest piquing questions to determine their interest in joining our network marketing business. Questions such as, “If the money was right and if it would fit into your time schedule, would you be open to a business opportunity?” or “I just found something that makes perfect sense to me, can I show you?” It is at this point that we have just turned our friends and family into prospects ($) and we have gone from being simply their friend to a friend/prospector. If they show any interest, then our job is to either meet with them one-on-one, invite them to an in-home presentation, or invite them to a hotel meeting with a roomful of strangers, and a well-dressed, well spoken individual in front of the room with a whiteboard. At the end of the presentation (regardless of the format) the next step is to determine whether they’re in, out, or on the fence (i.e. they have objections) by asking a series of leading questions such as: “Based on what you see, do you see an opportunity?” or “Are you in or out?” or “What did you like most about what you just saw?” or “Are you a 1, a 2, or a 3?” or “Are you ready to get started?” If they’re ready to get started, you’re jacked out of your mind! If they’re not interested, or have some objections, however, that’s where the discomfort starts to set in for us, as we start to try to uncover and answer their objections, or we bring our upline over to do so. This is the point where we change from friend/prospector into friend/salesperson and in our mind our friend/family member/prospect turns into someone to whom we have to figure out the “magic words” to say in order to get them to sign up. In reality, many times our friends will go through the whole process with us even though they have absolutely no intention of joining our business, just to get us off their backs. At the end of the presentation, instead of telling us “no” they will just start to raise objection after objection, or ask question after question. This is usually for one of three reasons. It could be because they don’t know how to say no, or they think a “no” would hurt our feelings, or they want to hide the fact that they don’t have the money to enroll. The evening usually ends with an “I’ll have to think about it” instead of either a yes or no. Then for the next couple of weeks we play the followup game. If we’re persistent with our followup game, and if they still don’t want to tell us no, they start to avoid us. Lather, rinse, repeat.

If the above scenario is familiar, then most likely you are spending the early part of your network marketing career struggling as I used to. If you are anything like I was, you probably have mixed emotions about your business. You know that network marketing works because you see all these average people in your company being recognized for advancing through the lucrative pay plan. You know that they are no smarter, no more professional, and no more determined than you are. You know that if they can do it, you can do it as well, if you could just learn the right system, and get a presentation in front of the right people. You know in your heart that there has to be a better way than this, burning all your gas going back and forth to the hotel meeting to meet one by one with friend after friend after friend who tells you no, or that they have to think about it, or they start avoiding you altogether. You truly believe that your success in a business that is capable of paying you more than the salary of the CEO of a Fortune 500 company should not depend on whether or not your friends and family join you or support you. Let me repeat that.

You truly believe that YOUR SUCCESS in a business that is capable of paying you more than the salary of the CEO of a Fortune 500 company SHOULD NOT DEPEND ON WHETHER OR NOT YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY JOIN YOU OR SUPPORT YOU.

Think about that in the traditional business world. Let’s say you move to a new city where you know no one, and you have no friends and family. You decide to open a restaurant. Is it reasonable to assume that if you have a decent marketing and promotion strategy, as well as an adequate marketing budget, that you could attract people who you do not currently know to your restaurant, assuming that they are open to the type of food that you serve? Of course you could. It doesn’t matter that your soon-to-be new customers are not your friends or your relatives. How successful do you think your restaurant would be if your revenue depended on your family eating there every day? That would make for a pretty flimsy business plan. Your new customers are coming through your doors for the first time because your MARKETING has convinced them that they will enjoy the experience of eating in your restaurant, either because of the food, the atmosphere, the service, or a dozen other possible reasons. Some piece of information you put out there connected with people and got paying customers to walk through the doors. It was not necessary that they were friends or family, it was only necessary that you got the right information in front of good potential customers via your marketing and promotion efforts. If if turns out that your product lives up to the marketing, you will go on to have a successful and thriving business.


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Virtual meetings are all of the rage nowadays. Since March, primary meetings were cancelled throughout the United States. Huge meetings that have been in no way supposed to be held remotely have grew to become digital. You are possibly receiving classified ads to wait distinct digital meetings all of the time now! But how do you understand if it is going to be worth the cash to wait? A country wide convention this is usually held in-character might be very distinct held virtually. As making a decision which meetings you may attend this year, you’re possibly factoring withinside the quantity it’ll fee to wait in comparison to the fee you may get hold of from it. Will the convention you usually attend in-character be worth attending virtually? While I do not have a crystal ball to inform you all of the answers (despite the fact that that might be cool if I did), I covered a handful of pointers you ought to remember whilst determining to wait, in addition to, pointers on a way to get the maximum out of the convention whilst attending!

Is the Conference Worth the Money?

This is the million-greenback query all and sundry is looking themselves proper now. If the convention is free, then you definitely ought to surely attend if cash isn’t a aspect and you’re interested by the content material. If it isn’t free, you may want to decide if the schedule/content material might be of fee to you. There are some key questions you may ask your self to assist decide this:

  • Is this a convention this is usually held in-character? If so, evaluate the schedule to year’s past. Is it simply as meaty or does it appear a little weak?
  • When you’re looking on the schedule are you locating your self immediately choosing out periods you need to wait? Are you drawn in to numerous of the topics?
  • Is the content material relatable in your company? Do you spot fee withinside the topics they’ll be imparting that you may be capable of observe returned at your company?

Asking your self those key questions will assist manual you withinside the proper direction.

Additionally, as you’re debating approximately attending a digital convention, make certain to keep away from the demeanor that a digital convention is 2d exceptional to in-character. If the content material is what you’re looking for, the manner you get hold of that records is the most effective factor this is distinct. Furthermore, if it is a convention usually held in-character and is valuable, possibilities are the digital convention might be simply as useful if it is overlaying topics you’re interested by. Organizations who’re taking the time to rework the convention right into a digital occasion are going to do everything they could to make it a terrific one.

What Are You Missing from an In-Person Conference?

This is the following query you need to invite your self. The important thing you’re lacking is the networking aspect. When you attend meetings one of the advantages is being capable of mingle and meet others who do the equal factor you do. It may be very hard to contain this right into a digital occasion, however meetings are nonetheless hosting digital glad hours, digital networking periods, chat periods, and extra to interact with different attendees. While this isn’t similar to networking in-character, it should not be a large aspect with the intention to now no longer attend a digital convention given that it’s miles a customary hindrance throughout meetings proper now. If networking is essential to you, you may focus at the meetings so that it will be conserving digital networking periods.

Besides the networking thing, ask your self if there’s whatever else that is lacking from the convention which you usually have in-character. Assess what’s lacking and determine if it is a massive aspect this is turning you away from attending the convention virtually.

The Benefits

Now let’s dive into a number of the important thing advantages of a digital convention.


Virtual meetings provide you with the power to hop on and off. You can choose which periods are maximum essential to wait. This lets in you to take care of enterprise at the same time as nonetheless being capable of attend the quantities of the convention you need to take a seat down in on.

Save Time and Money

The appropriate factor approximately now no longer wanting to wait an in-character convention is the money and time you may shop. You will shop time on tour and shop cash in lots of distinct regions consisting of airfare, motel rooms, food, drinks, registration for attendees, and extra. Registration is also less expensive for a digital convention so that you may also shop cash at the registration fee. Additionally, you may remember registering most effective a few personnel for a digital convention rather than the same old quantity you could carry with. If you probably did most effective sign in some personnel, the ones that attend can take notes and provide a presentation to the group on key takeaways from the convention.

Presentations are Being Recorded

If you leave out a consultation or would really like to revisit one you attended, maximum digital meetings are recording the periods and sending it out to attendees afterwards. This is a gain you would not have at an in-character convention. If there’s a consultation you are not capable of make live, you may nonetheless be capable of view it later on.

Education and Inspiration

Let’s now no longer neglect about approximately the primary purpose we attend meetings to start with. Even aleven though it’s miles being held virtually, the purpose of all meetings stays the equal: to be instructional and inspirational. Everyone always feels appropriate after attending a convention. You benefit new enterprise insights that you may take returned in your company. You emerge as stimulated listening to motivational audio system and specialists withinside the enterprise talk. All of this facilitates you carry new thoughts and exceptional practices returned in your company. Conferences are useful. Otherwise they would not exist. By attending a convention virtually, you might not lose out on those key experiences.

Tips When Attending a Virtual Conference

Don’t Multi-Task

If making a decision to wait a digital convention, make certain to make the maximum of it and be absolutely engaged. Often instances whilst you are on a webinar, it’s miles clean to get sidetracked in doing any other task. Avoid multitasking. You are attending the convention for a purpose, now no longer to 1/2 of listen. In order to keep away from distractions, near from your electronic mail and out of all communications. I could even placed your telecellsmartphone to the facet so that you do not get distracted via way of means of a textual content or telecellsmartphone call. Disconnecting all through the periods you’re attending is the most effective manner to make certain you may be absolutely worried with the convention and get the maximum of it.

Interact with the Speaker and Attendees

If you’re capable of ask questions all through the consultation, do not keep returned. Ask questions as in case you have been there all through an in-character presentation. Also, take part withinside the networking and chat periods with different attendees. While it is not similar to in-character, it’s miles a pleasing manner to percentage exceptional practices and get to understand others withinside the enterprise. You gets extra out of the convention, the extra worried you’re.

Login 10 Minutes Early

Everyone is the use of a distinct webinar platform nowadays and feature distinct capabilities grew to become on/off. Be positive to login 10 mins early to get the era setup so that you do not leave out the start of the presentation. Sometimes you want to down load the webinar platform in your computer, different instances it could be puzzling to get the audio/visible setup. To keep away from any confusion and stress, login early to make certain you’re geared up to go earlier than the presentation.